How advertising for CBA can make you money

When you sign up as a CBA member you will receive a membership number that you can use to access your CBA member benefits.  You can enjoy hundreds of discounts from thousands of companies in all kinds of various areas of interest. In addition, the number you receive for accessing the member perks will be your advertising number.  You should give that to people who can then become members also and you can receive an advertising compensation.  If you are interested in that, make sure to contact the person who introduced you to CBA.  If you do not have a person who you saw then feel free to contact us and we will get you information as to how this works. Below is a quick overview of how our members make money advertising for CBA.  We will start off first with some definitions that will help explain how the system works. CONSUMER’S BENEFIT ASSOCIATION MEMBERS HELPING MEMBERS Effective, 26 June 2018 Dues Per Month – $10.00 ADVERTISING COMPENSATION AGREEMENT MEMBERSHIP LEVELS Member Plus is credited $2 per month on Members who sign up under your Member Plus advertising code.  Membership count is credited only if an application for Membership indicates and/or designates that advertising code is the resource.  All non-designated applications or mis numbered applications are considered House Accounts and are at the sole determination of Consumer’s Benefit Association or the management so designated.   Agreement subject to change with 30 days notice. Definition of membership terms Member Advertiser (MA) is defined as a person whom is a current with their paid CBA dues.  A members group consists of people they personally introduce to CBA. It is understood that no employee/employer relationship is formed by this agreement and all CBA advertising guidelines and rules shall govern this agreement.   

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