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This monthly membership gives you full, complete, and unadulterated access to the more than 330,000 vendors and locations available to CBA.  We work DAILY on finding new, and better ways to make life easier for you, and cheaper.  Our dedicated staff is scouring the internet, talking to people, asking questions, and finding answers to problems that all of us face.  Prescription medication costs that are out of control.  Grocery shopping costs are skyrocketing.  Because sometimes we don't have the energy to cook and clean, we need cheaper alternatives when dining out.  What if disaster strikes?  We are working to build funds so that we can help you meet your insurance deductibles. What if there is a hardship, and you need help?  CBA is establishing ways to create and generate monies so that WE as "Members" can help others (also) "Members".  That IS our MISSION "MEMBERS HELPING MEMBERS".  This is 100% above board, with no hidden fees or agendas.  We are not affiliated with any sect, denomination, political party, or bias of any kind.  Of course, some of our members may lean one way, or participate in some of these areas.  The goal of CBA is to have members across boundaries.  People should help people. People should NOT hurt people.  This is the foundation of who we are and how we want to do business.  We want to help people learn to love one another, and spread understanding and care.

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