$20.00 / month and a $20.00 sign-up fee

We have discounts and specials you won’t find anywhere else.  We work daily on finding new and improved benefits for our members.  If you have an idea or a business that you own/manage, LET US KNOW! Go to our PPM page with contact information about your business, and what benefits you’re willing to provide.  Our team of skilled marketing people will contact you, qualify you, and verify your willingness to work with us.  If we can, we’ll arrange for your business to become a PREMIUM PARTNER, and YOU will gain advertising bonuses for signing up that PREMIUM VENDOR!

As a CBA Builder Member, you can be compensated for advertising!!!  You can send members to us and earn compensation based on the current compensation agreement on the website or the agreement between CBA, it’s management, and you!

If you have any questions or would like to offer different benefits to our members, please email:

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